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CafePress, Inc. is an American online retailer of stock and user-customized on demand products. The company was founded in San Mateo, California, but is now headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky along with its production facility. In 2001, won the People's Voice Webby Award in the Commerce category.

Brent mentioned in a review, "I ordered an aluminum license plate frame from CafePress. For $23 I expected something a little more substantial than the flat, paper-thin product that I received. It could not have possibly been made any cheaper."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely poor communication between upper management. Strategy has been to promote within although people have no managerial experience. Because of this promote within methodology it created a political circle that puppet masters the company. Talented people left because of this political nonsense. With the minimal experience between management and the mountain of responsibilities on certain managers explains the failure for the strategic roadmap. Instead of realizing the terrible allocation of resources they would instead blame Google. Ha! Google should be notified for the large deficit in revenue. There are better companies to seek employment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They have two Directors running all of Technology. These two so-called Directors have a whopping 3 years experience, combined. No vision and extremely poor leadership all the way to the top have caused massive earnings losses the past several quarters while their competition continues to grow in this same space. Don't be fooled when they blame the loss on Google Algorithm changes, the website is a 10 year old mess of different technologies that don't belong together and management is too busy patting their own back to enforce any real roadmap to resolve their issues. The SEO and traffic problems of the site land squarely on the shoulders of the management at the company. I was embarrassed having friends and family try to use it, we never once ordered anything. Don't be fooled if you have a technically challenging interview either. Boy was that misleading. Great questions were asked of me, only to find out upon being hired that they don't even follow those practices. Practices they know to be correct. I won't repeat what has been said in other reviews, but read them. The mention of ego maniacs could not be any more accurate. I highly suggest you search LinkedIn for people with experience at this company and look at how long they stayed. I've never seen such high turnover in my career."

Former Employee - Management says


Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"ALOT of favoritism. The only people who seem to care about their job are the employees who struggle everyday. Management no longer cares about the customer or the employee. Many of us thought things would change once the CEO came back, but it seems that they have only gotten worse and he is just as absent now as he was before. Management does not know how to talk to employees. Cussing and condemning is no way to lead and motivate people. In Leadership meetings you are told "It's us against them." Management are the only employees to get raises. Including a monthly $500 bonus for "Good Leadership". Hourly employees are now reviewed and promised raises that never come. Almost all of the hard working people have left. The Cons out weigh the Pros at this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not a place for women. Women have no voice at Cafepress. If you speak up you're considered difficult. Classic and the newest of the good ole boy's clubs. Leaders like to play with your life. No moral depth. Made a big mistake when they let the best VP they ever had leave at the end of 2016. Culture shifted significantly after she resigned."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The leadership is shockingly poor. A few months back, several managers forced a large number of people to write positive Glassdoor reviews because they were loosing candidates (so take the positive reviews with a grain of salt). The CEO seems to believe that he can single-handedly run the entire company by himself, and has dismissed key leadership positions to run several departments on his own. Decisions are never made based on data or expert experience, but basically haphazardly, with the core business strategy and direction changing every 2-3 months. Projects never even have time to get off the ground before they either end up canceled or radically changing. This has led to long-term employees becoming so apathetic that they don't even bother to try anymore--and there is no consequence for this behavior because promotions and rewards are entirely based on length of tenure at the company with long-time employees being beyond reproach while new hires are treated as less than dirt. This leads to a kind of subtle lie about a low turn-over rate because staff are not treated as real employees until they have at least 2-3 years under their belt (the actual turnover rate is very high). After about 4-5 years, most employee only work about 6 hours a day (much of which is spent watching YouTube or complaining about projects until the management gives up and cancels them). This means that many systems are horribly outdated or grossly behind the rest of the marketplace, pushing the company's slow decline to irrelevance along a little faster."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Without good leadership and a unifying mission many have turned their day to day efforts to punishing office politics. Major projects that require company wide change are often abandoned or determined to be unworkable post implementation. Nothing is easy when managers are more interested in being right than doing right. The company has transitioned from a breakneck growth model to a long slow glide path down and to the right. The industry CafePress helped create has lapped its progenitor as it ambles along on decade old ideas and code. It is the MySpace of customization."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"...the fact that there are so many "positive" reviews now should tell you something. Do NOT believe them. Look further back at the reviews to see exactly what CafePress is and how they operate. It has to be one of the worst places to work in Louisville."


"Communication... what communication... they try and try,but they fail and fail. Shuffling resource around for not particular reason. The executives have disconnects within themselves... the list goes on and on...."


"Cons: most of the executive team seem to not care about empowering their people"

Customer Service/Tier 2 Support (Former Employee) says

"Management will run around the call center shoot you with nerf guns while yelling at you to get on the phones. They make broken promises to everyone! I would run as far away from this place as possible! This is also a very racist place to work. If you are not a certain color or bff with management then they will try to push you out the door.The job itself is very easyManagement!!!!!"

Temporary Assignment (Former Employee) says

"pulling orders with headphones on everyone was freindly an helpfulcatered lunchlong hours"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Schedule is a joke no bonuses even if you hit all your numbers. Manager does not have much knowledge on anything. Only advantage was peak free food.Free Food Hour LunchesConflicting training Shows favortisim"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Ever changing management and non-appreciative of employees long hours, dedication and hard work. I would highly suggest looking elsewhere for employment. You feel like your only a number and the most important thing is hiring employee who will take the least amount of pay vs. a qualified employee who will actually go above and beyond the call of duty at all times. If you make too much they let you go and replace you with someone who will take less and might not do as good of job. Good luck CafePress companies with all of your entry level staff.Friendly co-workersNo job security, changing management, your just a number"

Sorter Operator (Current Employee) says

"This is by far the worst company I’ve ever worked for. Way too much favoritism and they work you like a mule with no raises. It’s very unorganized. It’s horrible and management sucks to the highest power and when they hire for peak they basically hire anyone. It’s a zoo in there and they treat you like dirt."

PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE (Current Employee) says

"If your a person that love to be rude and hateful towards others this is the place for you. No punishment for those people. Someone went out of her way to shoulder bump someone and she got to keep her job even with multiple witnesses. The sr. production manager likes to talk to an employee about other employees. She will even tell them about other peoples life including health and family issues. She continues to even talk poorly about every other manager. I have overheard her to threatening to hit another employee. This place has the best bully culture lead by the queen herself."

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"I did like this job in the beginning we would get free lunches and gift cards for getting big orders out on time, there was no room for advancement if you were a lead don't depend on that position,most likely you would be demoted back. The people were ok to work with didn't have too many issues with that. The pay is what I have a problem with, I worked there for almost nine years started out as a temp making nine an hour got hire in three months went up to eleven per hour, after nine years I was making twelve an hour!! Every time I asked for a raise they would have an excuse, I do feel stupid for staying so long with little pay. I know they are not doing too good now but have money to build a new multi million dollar headquarters in Louisville. And I do believe if they can afford a new headquarters , they can afford to increase their employees pay!!Free food sometimes.No pay increase!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day consisted of answer phone calls and e-mails for customers who needed to place orders, cancel orders, exchange items, and refund orders. We also offered support to designers whom utilized website to sell their creations. During my employment, I learned that management was unorganized and there was no room for growth unless you were a manager favorite. Most of the employees were negative for the sole reason that there was no morale boosters, only negativity and constant bad changes. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the technical issues with the website and continually have to tell customers "We're sorry, it's a bug in the system and we don't know when it will be fixed." The most enjoyable part of my job was gaining friendships with the coworkers I worked with.Kudos incentive to buy merch from the website free with earned buttons.Management was never on the same page, changes happen so quickly that it's hard to adjust."

Production (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would consist of making coffee mugs and merging orders for the shippers. I learned what is was like to work in a manufacturing setting. The management was not up to par."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"They'll lay you off after being there for only 3 days. They laid of 2nd shift, 3rd shift during peak season and just laid off 1st shift and swing shift employees... look elsewhere for employment. You'd be wasting you time here.Easy JobPoor management, lays off too much"

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"easy job, you can really come up here, if you keep up your attendance you can further you career. They really work with you, and ensure that you are properly trained."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The people are nice and so are the offices but there is an absolute lack of leadership and strategy that starts at the top. Constant changing of direction.Nice offices, nice peopleNo strategy"

Marketing Producer (Former Employee) says

"When I started at CafePress there was a great entrepreneurial spirit about the company. You could try new things, move onto different teams, learn and advance. Unfortunately, when the founders stepped back and hired a new CEO, (and his subsequent hires,) the place changed. This was further exacerbated when the company went public. Suddenly there was more emphasis on polish than performance and the culture went downhill. Short-term profits seemed to be placed over the long-term health of the business and many of us who'd been there since the early stages felt pushed to the sidelines by a leadership team who played favorites rather than evaluated based on merit."

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"The job overall was an easy job. Co-workers were nice and very willing to teach you the right way to perform your job. The typical day was 10-12 hours with two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. Some of the things I learned were how calendars and journals were made from start to finish, which was amazing to me. The hardest part of the job was standing on your feet for 12 hours at first but once you got use to it then it was not a problem. The most enjoyable part of my job were my co-workers and seeing a wide variety of how different people were.Many hours available during certain weeks, meals provided during busy daysNot enough breaks, being sent home as soon as you arrive at work, being sent home within 1-2 hours or arriving"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company literally invented the idea of selling custom-printed t-shirts via the Internet. Now, the stock is only a few cents away from being de-listed from NASDAQ. The main issue is that upper management keep rushing from short-term strategy to short-term strategy. This may bring cash right away, but in the long term, the company ends up crippled by years of failed legacy projects and spaghetti code that hinders development and makes the website difficult for customers to use. The CEO is also currently serving as the head of technology AND the head of merchandising. That's fine for a startup, but not for a company that's been in business nearly 20 years.Dedicated people, close-knit culture, free snacks at headquarterslack of long-term vision, falling stock/profits, no funds for improvement, decades of bad legacy code/apps"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Easy climate controlled job but needs help in the payroll department has healthcare including dental,vision, and life insurance. 401k, 2 paid weeks off a year. 3 out of 5 stars. Hardest part of the job is standing on the concrete floors the whole shift.Climate controlled, easyBad pay"

Manager, IT Services (Current Employee) says

"Unlimited PTO is great. The atmosphere is very laid back. Women do not thrive. Executive leadership does not buy into career development. They are not forward thinking either.Free food & unlimited PTOClique like mentality & not good for women"

Special Orders Coordinator/Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"If you love working a lot a days in a row without a day off then this is the place for you, but only during peak season.There are lot of perks to working here like discounted and free merchandise from time to time. When its not peak season you may not get 40 hours a week so make sure you put up some of that overtime money you will make between November and lunch during peak season, frequent breaks, and free merchandiselong hours, few days off during peak season"

Professional Staff (Current Employee) says

"CafePress is a fresh, fun place to work. There are lots of opportunities to contribute. It's a great place to start a career or have the opportunity to take your next career step.Casual atmosphere and flexible work environment"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management is not consistent. Not enough pay. Occasional overtime offered. Free lunches provided during peak season."

Danuta Jurewicz says

"As far as this leftist printer is concerned freedom of speech doesn't exist if you're a conservative. I ordered a bumper sticker stating " stolen election" and the next day I got an email that my request was not to their community standard. I'm sure that if i ordered stating something derogatory about President Trump they'll be happy to print it. Its said that how country if being taken over by Fascists."

Laura Richmond Weinsinger says

"I ordered a mother of Guadalupe baby blanket as a gift. The actual “iron on” picture covers less than a fourth of the blanket. The picture looks like the blanket is soft and comfy. It looks like a really old polyester blanket cut up to make a baby blanket. I am so disappointed. The actual “iron” on is cracking leading me to believe it is old. I will not be ordering from this company again."

Cay Cat says

"Placed an order for a mug on 12/2.. they sent me an email that was shipped on 12/5... I got it on 1/7.. it seems this company will use the cheapest method to ship an item, once they have your money!"

Debbie Dethlefsen says

"I ordered glasses with Russian symbols on it. Took almost a month to get them. The emblems are barely visible on the glasses. I bet if I wash them that I will be left with an expensive plain glass. Waste of money."

Ann Frey says

"Ordered a shirt, which took longer to arrive than they'd promised, and half of the graphic was missing. They were full of excuses--Not one apology for lack of quality, ruining my gift, inconveniencing me by making me quickly shop for another gift due to their failure. Nope--nothing. But they did agree to send me another shirt. Well, they showed me who was boss. This replacement shirt was even worse. I could not even take a picture because there was virtually no ink on the shirt to take a picture of."

Susan Kay says

"Very disappointed that the replacement PJ's they sent out again were worse than the first ones sent! My daughter-in-law's eye was missing on the print, so they said they'd send a replacement pair of PJ's and leave a note for the printers to 'look closer' at what they were doing. Which seemed silly really because shouldn't they be doing that anyway so as to avoid having to send replacements out? Now we have 2 pairs of PJ's where the person's eye is missing on the picture, it looks very silly."

ivan pugh-hurt says

"Sorry there was not a 0 option. Forget the shipping, the lost orders, this is the most ageist, sexist, racist and bigoted company that know is still in business.. I.E.'Wake me up when all the old Republicans are dead'!"

LKSteve says

"So far not so good. I am a longtime Cafepress Shop Owner. My shop just sits there on the internet collecting a few dollars every year. Recently I logged in to check how things were going. My shop is still online but my earnings are zero. The responses from customer services are getting crankier. They don't believe me about my historical earnings. This company has encountered hard times in recent years, changing owners a few times, its now owned by a French listed company Claranova group. I have contacted them to determine if I will get my money back but I'm not hopeful. If I fail to recover my funds I will be reporting to ScamWatch"

Joanne Richmond says

"I wish I could recommend them for their excellent selection and merchandise, but I cannot. I placed my order in October. By mid-December, when it did not arrive, I called customer service who couldn't find things either. Some of my order arrived Christmas Eve., some after Christmas. What good is the best of merchandise if you don't receive it for MONTHS. I'm afraid to say that, if I had not contacted customer service twice, I'd be waiting for things still. Sorry, but I truly cannot recommend them to anyone."

Jordan says

"I'd used them for years, and then the problems started to creep in. Web site wouldn't work, delays in shipping, and today, after updating my Basic site, and trying to buy one of my own products, I was told that I can't unless I upgrade to a Premium site. That has never happened before. What a joke! I do, however, recommend Zazzle as a MUCH better substitute! All my Cafepress sites are deleted, and they will never see a cent from me or my family again."

Julie Baker says

"I ordered a custom mug for $14.99 and expedited shipping for $15.99 as a very special Christmas gift. It came on 12/14 but the lettering was all messed up. Smeared, missing letters, etc I needed it by 12/16 I emailed them to replace it and the response was “they would respond in 5 days” So I opened a chat this morning and all they could say is they could replace it by the 28th! No way to expedited production or shipping! All I can say is they just really suck and have no concern for customer service. They did not even respond to my question of if they have a QA dept or how this even got out the door. They just closed the chat! Do not order from them!!!!!"

Colleen says

"The mug I ordered was nice but it was for a gift and came a week after I needed it. Paid about $8 in shipping and took over three weeks to receive it. Would not buy from here again!!!!"

Mary says

"I was disappointed in 3 of the 4 personalized Christmas ornaments I received from Cafe Press. When I designed the ornaments the text appeared in good contrast to the background color. On the actual ornament 3 of the texts were almost unreadable because they blended in with the background too much. The preview of these ornaments does not match the actual ornament."

Customer says

"I used to love Cafe Press until my last order. At no point was shipping cost listed or mentioned. When I hit submit, $13.99 was added for shipping on a very light $25.00 order. I was unable to contact them, I tried numerous time times to cancel but was unable to reach any one. I will never shop with Cafe Press again."

Cindy Shelton says

"The ornament JOY was very pretty but the picture that I sent to go into wasn’t clear and I could hardly read my pets name. I know it was a small area but I wish the names had been easier to read. Thank you"

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